Electric Lawn Mowers

Quality hand built made

Here at Liberal, we have spent almost six decades delivering high quality mowers to help produce crisp lawn stripes with efficiency and precision, and our Liberal Electric Cylinder Mower is no different.

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We offer a wide range of manual mowers suitable to all types of gardens. Regardless of what challenges you are facing, with a Liberal lawn mower you will get the job done, with a first-class result. We also have a range of Classic mowers

Cutting Cylinder Unit

The five-bladed cutting cylinder allows variable cuts per metre, and the machine is powered by a mains electric  motor.


they are electric

Equipped with a powerful electric motor with horizontal shaft to drive the cutting system, the Liberal electric lawn mower offers scissor and clean cut and reduced noise for a more enjoyable ride. 

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Our electric cylinder mower are available in various range for both residential and commerical users. The ELM series and commerical series, achieving the perfect lawn in as little time as possible – leaving you with more time to relax in it, appreciating the stunning view of your contrasting lawn stripes.

ELM- Series

The Liberal electric mowers – an ideal choice for gardeners who take pride in their lawns.

The Liberal Electric Cylinder Mower (E-series) is an easy to use push mower that provides an impressive 20” ( 51cm), 24” ( 61cm)  and 30” ( 76cm)  cut, and bringing excellence to every lawn it comes into contact with

Commerical Series

hard working, general-purpose cylinder lawn mower

This heavy duty lawn mower truly is the great ‘all-rounder’ in the Liberal’s lineup, capable of producing a first-class finish across a wide range of grass types and mowing conditions, even wet conditions. Choose the Walk behind mower for regular mowing of ornamental grass in public and private parks and gardens

Rotary Lawn Mower

Perfectly cut lawn

Liberal R22 is a lightweight and compact lawnmower with a 34cm cutting width making it ideal for medium sized lawns up to 300m² in size.


Electric Lawn Mower

ELM-24| Cutting Width 24”

Quiet and easy to use

The Liberal HP-16 is a manual operated lawn mower and is considered one of the best in the Manual lawn mowers range. It is ideal for homeusers and small to medium cutting smaller grassy areas The Liberal HP-16 is portable, lightweight, easy to maneuver and carry.

Walk Behind Electric Lawn Mower

WB-36| Cutting Width 36”

Acclaimed for its build quality, work-rate and ease of operation

This mower is heavy duty with featuring large tires and durable components built for commercial use and it’s weight approx 18 kg. The Liberal GP-16  mower really stick to the ground – you’re not going to see a lot of bumping around on the lawn with this mower! 

Rotary Electric Lawn Mower

R-20| Cutting Width 20”

ideal for thick grass type

Liberal offers imported manual Cylinder Lawnmower for a clean, precise cut – suitable for small lawn areas. The horizontally mounted cylinder of blades cut against a fixed bottom blade for a scissor-like cut. This gives a finish to your lawn as they cut the grass cleanly without ripping it.

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