We endure in providing the cricket pitch solutions like walk behind electric cricket pitch roller/self-propelled cricket pitch roller driven by electric motor. These cricket turf rollers are highly efficient and can be used at natural or non-natural grass surfaces like cricket natural turf pitch, synthetic pitch, tennis ground etc. These are available in different roller widths size. These self-propelled wicket rollers are known for their performance and durability in low prices.

Designed for the following applications:

  • This multi-purpose roller can be used on many applications may requiring self-propelled turf and non-turf roller. For example lawn or clay tennis courts, golf greens, sports ground outfield , newly laid cricket pitches, compaction and smoothing of turfs, cricket practice nets and artificial wickets made up of synthetic materials.
  • Designed to do the work of a heavy push along roller, but with far less effort and much higher productivity.
  • Precisely fabricated roller which provides guarantees that the rolling surface will not have flat spots, or be egg shaped, helping the operator to achieve the best possible results
  •  This pedestrian roller is used with superb results on many applications including cricket practice nets where a traditional ride on roller could leave indentations at the bat mans crease..