Electric Lawn Mower – 20 in


Type Electric motor cylinder reel mower Cutting width: 51 cm (20″) Cutting system: Cylinder


Number of blades: Five-blade cylinder
tempered at 45H.R.C
Electric Motor: Fitted with 1 H.P electric motor.
Self-propelled: Single side fitted with chainsystem and grease able bearings.
Height of cutting: 2.4 mm – 19 mm.
Height of cut adjustment: Fully variable with
support stand.
Handlebars: Variable height positions. Bale-bar
for cylinder with coupling system.
Rear roller: Mild Steel in two section, diameter
8 ‘’ and fitted with bearings on both sides
Front roller: Steel with bonded with traction
Bottom blade: manufactured from in 11
hardened and tempered to 45 HRC optional 4
mm face blade.
Grass box: Impact resistant with new
customized round shape.
Warranty: One-year standard limited warranty
for all liberal manufactured parts