Gang Mowers with iron spike wheels

Cutting Unit: 7 Units Cutting Capacity: 11.9 acres/h @ 9.6 km/h Cutting Width: 11’6’’


Cutting Blades: 6-cutting Reel blades
Cutting Heights: A Cutting Height Ranges with
minimum height up to ¾’’ while maximum
height can be extending up to 3’’ with five
levels of height setting adjustment.
Bedknife-to-Reel Adjustment: Bed knife
adjusts against reel positively with a single
hand-controlled knob.
Bedknife: Made up of high carbon steel bed
Ball Bearings: The reel, roller and wheels have
fixed roller bearings.
Lubrication: Gears and bearings are
continuously grease lubricated from oil bath
Mowing Transmission: The Pull-Type designed
for Quick-disconnect coupler to easy hook-up
with tractor.
Wheels: Heavy duty rubber wheels provides
high loading capacity and excellent floatation.
Frame System: Made up of M.S tubular pipe
and reinforced structural steel; bolted and
electrically welded construction.
Warranty: One-year limited warranty. Refer to
the Operator’s Manual / dealer agent for
further details.