Rough Cutter


Cutting Width 60″ Cut with Three Blades. Wheels: 4 Rubber wheels with adjustable up & down cut. PTO shaft: Adjustable 3 point coupling link & with p.t.o shaft. Gearbox: Fitted with cast iron gearbox and pulleys for rotating blades.



The tractor trailed RC-60 mower is ideal for small-property and commercial users. The Rough cutter sideways discharge finish mower is tough yet versatile enough to move from rough, weedy farmland to commercial lawns and landscapes with tractors from 19 to 45 horsepower, and is available in a 5 feet cutting width to handle your simple cutting chores. Hook this efficient tool up to your tractors


Featuring four wheels for a premium, even finish on estate lawns and fine turf, the liberal rough cutter leaves grass looking a cut above the rest. Three overlapping rotors prevent unsightly, uncut strips, while the wheels are easily adjusted to the perfect height.