Sight Screen | double action

SIZE: Each screen carriage is 12 ft wide equating to 24 ft and height of 12 ft Total Length: 24ft Width: 12ft   RAILTRACK: The screens can be easily rolled into position – one at a time. BOLT LOCKING SYSTEM: Wheel stops prevent the screens from moving in the wind with a secure bolt locking…



The Double Action Sight Screen, as used at Club level, first class and school, is an innovative and unique cricket sight screen, complete with rotating panel, that may easily and quickly be switched from traditional white panels to black panels, for white-ball matches. This creates a sightscreen that may be used for both limited over matches and conventional formats, without panels having to be replaced or for the entire sight screen, needing to be moved from its position.



 Rotatable: Unique design allows for quick rotation of screen panel

180 degrees: It can be turned at 180 degrees to reduce wind resistance

Color of Panel : black and white

Locking System: Spring loaded locking system

Wheels: 4 x air tube tyres and handlebar