Tractor Trailed Roller – 1000KG


Roller Drum: Dent resistant mild steel heavy-duty roller drum Overall Length: 6 feet Empty weight: 1500 kg Water filled weight: 1850 -2100 kg Scraper bar: Adjustable scraper bar removes soil from roller Hitch Mechanism: Easily attaches to lawn and garden tractors with pin hitch


The towed roller can be attached to the lawn tractor tow hitch and helps level out those bumps and uneven grass surfaces on your lawn. Made from heavy duty steel it can be filled with either water or sand. A scraper bar helps remove debris from the roller.

  • Construction-The roller is made of steel for added durability.
  • Additional Weight-When filled with sand or water, the roller adds additional weight to the removal of uneven surfaces.
  • Working Width-Large 98cm working width.