Walk Behind Electric Turf Roller -ETR750


  Weight: Unballasted: 750 kg Electric Motor. Powered by 4 HP electric gear motor. Transmission System: Fitted with complete Controls: Electrical control panel . Rolling Width: 3 ft. Rolling Diameter:  24 -26 inch Height Adjuster: Front and Rear supporting rollers for height adjustment in case of uneven surface. Ball bearings: Ball bearing attached on both…


The all new Liberal’s walk behind cricket Pitch Roller is a completely new concept in Pitch Rolling equipment. The operator has great control of maneuverability with the forward/reverse control leavers being finger tipped controlled at the ULTRA STEERING LEVER operating position. This machine is powered by multi option which are electric motor or petrol Engine. The machine can be ordered in desired weight as required by customer. On top of this, each unit can be ballasted for the convenience of desired weight change. Sunroof, Swivel Seat & Dry weight options are also available

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 94 × 60 × 50 in